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What We Do

We Are Cosmetic Manufacture

Fablay India India has emerged as one of the leading and outstanding cosmetics manufacturer in India. Our company is the one stop solution for all things beauty. From extensive research, study and development to formulation, product and art work development, testing and manufacturing, Fablay India covers it all for you.

With a capacity to manufacture 10 lakh units every month, we have captured the market pretty well. We provide our products majorly to stand alone brands and wholesalers. We do not have a distributor network. We have clients who are with us for more than 10 years. Our customer retention is 97%.

Here at Fablay India, we manufacture cosmetic products focused mainly for the eyes, lips and nails. Our products include lip colours, liquid lip colours, eyeliner, nail paint, nail paint remover and sindoor. All of our products are FDA approved. We indulge in extensive research of various types of skin and our products are made with perfection to enhance beauty without compromising on the health of your skin. Our services extend from raw materials to finished goods, which are both provided in bulk and in filling.

We Are Private Label Cosmetic Manufacture And Contract Manufacture of Cosmetic

We do third party manufacturing, contract filling and bulk manufacturing of cosmetics specially Nail Polish, Lipstick, Liquid, Lip Color, Lip Balm, Eyeliner, Kajal, Sindoor, Nail Polish Remover. We have developed a expertise in cosmetics manufacturing as we have been doing it for more than 18 years. We have been doing private label cosmetics manufacturing and contract manufacturing for more than a decade now. We specialize in natural and herbal products, our products are for all skin types. We have leveraged our passion and experience to more than 20 odd brands in the country who have developed from nothing to be valued at crores.

We not only provide products but we also help customers to choose a market, sales planning and ROI Achievement. We have a 97% of customer retention in private lable manufacturing.

We Are Cosmetics Exporter

Our product quality competes with the international products, we have received testimonials and praises from our customers, our Clients, private brand owners and exporters. International trade is one of the most talked about topics across India and is a eye candy for newbies who want to start the export business and exiting exporters. It is surely a profitable way to earn rewards and increase business presence. We understand the quality standards of the international market and our exporters never face a issue with the quality aspect of cosmetics.

We are eveready to take any project, big or small to achieve the demands of our customers. If you have a good business possibility in international market get in touch with us, we are sure to convert that opportunity in to real business.

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