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Privacy Policy

Terms and condition of agreement which is comprised of rules and regulations and privacy policy are mentioned here in, by accessing this website (“Website”) (whether or not using the services/purchasing the products), you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You may choose not to access the Website if you do not agree with the contents of this Agreement.

Use of Personal Information

Fablay India takes care of the website and we respect your privacy and take strict measures in order that confidentiality of your personal information is taken care by us. Any information shared by anybody by accessing our website will be taken care with utmost diligence and it will made sure that the information will only be used to share information for which the query has been raised. The record will however be stored in data.

Copyright & Trademark

Fablay India reserve all the rights related to website, registered trademarks, License’s, Intellectual Property and any sort of a communication shared from our end. Any communication that is directly or in directly shared by us is a property of Fablay India.

You can neither download any information posted on this website whatsoever and use it for your personal advantage nor post any argumental judgment towards it.

Research Development

Fablay India has been into the industry for more than a decade now. We have been recognized as a premier company for the development and research of various cosmetics that we have the capability to produce

Our expert Chemist and state of art production facility enables us to develop new products with utmost precision in the usability of it.

In case if you have a good innovative idea for a good product and it seems to be a viable proposition to introduce it in the market we will help you create that product with the help of a talented and experienced chemist and production team

Through a dedicated R&D process we will determine the quality of the product whether the product achieves the required stability and safety in order that your customer can use it. A dedicated state of art production facility enables us to do research And derive The best product from a given set of ingredients

We have earned the name of being a valued practitioner of good manufacturing practices, Which gives us lead against competitors to be a preferred partner for contract

manufacturing and private label cosmetic manufacturing, With the given amount of experience we have the core insights of the industry and we are in capacity to create countless formulations for you given the point that it is a valuable proposition

Regulatory Compliance

When we talk About the cosmetic industry there are lot of compliances that needs to be maintained and a rigourous cross check needs to be done both at the level of manufacturer and consumer. When we Manufacture cosmetics such as nail polish lipstick eyeliner Kajal lip balm Sindoor and nail polish remover we have to follow a very strict regulatory compliance That enables us to deliver the product in the best state of quality and usability.

Our Clients and Customers Believe us as we have been Delivering them This value over the years.

Restrictions can become obstacles to success. At Fablay, we have a dedicated team to help you with any sort of red tape in India and internationally.

Thoroughly researched about global control procedures, we can assist you with all aspects of product registration.

Documented certificates are also provided, as and when needed, like:

  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Certificate of analysis
  • BSE certificates
  • GMP certificates
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
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