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Sindoor or Vermilion is cosmetic powder used specially by women of India Origin and they put it on the head as a mark of being married and love for their husband

We manufacture Sindoor/ Manufacture Vermilion for exporters, traders, bulk buyers, wholesalers and Private label brand owners. Our product is specially crafted for women, as we understand the sentiments of the Indian women, so we make sure that our product gives them the extra value that they look out for with out getting any problems because of the ingredients involved in the product. Our product is completely natural and made under the dedicated supervision of qualified pharmacist. We follow a stringent and quality focused process to manufacture Sindoor (Vermilion). We are amongst the very few companies who have deployed a proper process for vermilion manufacturing. A lot of exporters buy our product from us as there is a lot of demand of quality vermilion in other countries especially Asian countries and countries which has lot of Indian families.


A lot of private brand owners get sindoor manufactured under the private label. We make a quality product free of toxins and offers superior value for money. Our in depth knowledge about the product lets our consumers take the value and experience. Your can associate us for the product for small quantity also. Our product comes in 2 shades, red and Marroon. We can develop special container packaging also.

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