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Manufacturing Potential

Manufacturing Potential

At Fablay India, all of our products are made in our beautiful country, India. We are based in Amritsar, one of the most beautiful and upcoming cities in India. With a vast and spread out manufacturing site of 18,000 sq. feet, our manufacturing facilities are certified by GMP, QRO, EGAC, FDA and IAF.
We are backed by significant state-of-the-art equipment and a streamlined production capacity, which together offer a faster, more fluid manufacturing process. The conduction of various quality checks like pH balance test, viscosity test etc makes our products of very high quality. We strictly believe in making our products cruelty free.

Cosmetics Manufacturing of your product

With a vast and spacious laboratory, we use cutting edge manufacturing equipment, modern stainless steel mixers and high quality jars and tubes. Our mixers are capable of both hot and cold mixing processes with can accommodate a huge huge range of viscosities and textures.
At Fablay India, we have both automatic and semi automatic fillers along with sealers and cappers.

For running of a smooth operation, our organization has a very dedicated, educated and professional team of chemists and wonderfully experienced clinical team.

Packaging of the Product

Product is what it looks like and in our cosmetics industry packaging plays a vital role in increasing the product appeal. It excites the customer and improves the way a customer perceives the product. We help our customer to choose the right packaging for the market and TG. We have a creative outsourced team who does an excellent work on design and packaging.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the most important aspect of the product, as it directly relates a consumer with the product. Brand identity separates our product with the list of the products in the market. It not only helps in creating a niche clientele for our product but also increase the value of brand in the minds of the customer. Brand identity focuses on how the product relates with people in general or specifically.
Our team will help you in developing a product brand identity that will fit the market and will deliver clear results in sales.

Marketing and sales Support

Being the veterans of the industry we have cquired a lot of knowledge about marketing and selling a product. We try to share as much information with our customers that can help them in generating the ROI of the investment ASAP. Through a structured plan we provide services to choose a market, define the prices according to the competition and curate offers so that the sales of the product start off fast and consumer starts getting to notice the product.


Nail Polish

In Nail Polish we have a variety of shades, which are produced with utmost quality ingredients. Out Nail Polish is free from toxins, formaldehyde, toluene and allergen resins. Our nails polish comes with quick dry formula and last longer.



We have various shades of Lipstick, which comes with finish like Glossy, Creamy Matte and Velvet matte. Our product is enriched with Vitamin A, C & E and comes with hydra comfort technology. One slide and it gives an excellent Pay Off on the lips.

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