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Fablay India manufactures variety of Lip Balms in various flavors and does private label manufacturing. Our product has gained name across India and neighboring countries because of the premium quality that we provide. Ingredients used to produce our Lip Balm are sourced from the selected sellers across India whether it is the active product or the fragrances. The product contains natural healing agent, which moisturizes dry and chapped lips. Our product has hydration formula and is enriched with Vitamin A, C & E which is suitable to all the skin types. We can possibly make any flavored lip balm as we have sources to the best supplier in India. We have developed a unique and high end facility for the production of Lip Balm. We have a variety of more than 25 types of containers which you can chose from. We can work on various quantities ranging from minimum of 500pcs to 20000 pcs. We can produce 8lac lip balm every month.


We are offering our product to wholesalers, distributors and Private label brands.

We have developed a prominent facility for the contract manufacturing process, a strict quality controls enables us to deliver the best quality each and every time. From time to time regualtory work that goes on to enhance our production capacity and curate new products which goes in sync with the current trends of fashion which gurantees that we will always be a better and imporovised product for our clients. Customer can explore various packging options from basic to premium packaging. We also do contract filling, just in case if you have container in hand and you only want product filling to be done, we are open to do that as well. We provide logistics and warehousing services as well, which means quantity as required will be sent on request basis from the customer and this is extra chargeable service that we provide.

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