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For a product & cosmetics manufacturing company, it’s products and the customer satisfaction that has to come along with it is the most important aspect of the over all function. Ever since we started we have always focused towards making the cosmetics of the highest quality and that we always achieve the delight of our customers. We have always achieved our focus, which means that all our products pass the highest quality test and our market reputation with the customers has always grown leaps and bound YOY (Year on Year).

Not just our products, in fact the ingredients like flavoring agents, coloring agents are sourced from the best supplier in the country and the world.

We use imported containers for our products so that we give the best to our customers and that is what they deserve.

Nail Polish

In most basic term nail polish is a lacquer that is used by women on their fingernails and toenails. But if you ask a women what does nail polish mean to them, they would say it as a ornament that is a part of there daily lives. They feel confident, bold and excited while having nail paint on their nails. It is a style statement by which they achieve confidence to do their daily task. It makes a women feel beautiful about her own self. We at Fablay India Cosmetics make sure that every bit of that confidence and excitement is given to any women who use our nail polish and nail paint. We make 150 shades of nail polish of various finishes like glossy, matte finish, glitter and 3D style.


When you look at a women’s face, the first thing that you notice about her is her face and the appeal of the looks is what every women in the world desire. History has it that women have always tried to look more attractive and lipstick is a product that helps them achieve this. Whether it is about attracting the opposite sex, feel confidant, look better or just create a new expression of self, lipstick has been the most important catalyst in it. Fablay salutes this expression by making lipstick of the highest standard and give each and every woman the authority to stand out with there own unique styling. We make lipsticks in 150 shades and have three types of finish- Glossy and Moisturizing, Creamy Matte and Velvet Matte.

Eyeliner and Kajal

The first thing that you notice about most of the women is their eyes and we make sure that through our products we give them that mesmerizing look. Our rich black color gives an intense finish to the eyes and stays up to 18 hours without smudge and is waterproof. Our eyeliner gives women the dream finish they deserve and they demand. Our products are natural in nature and our safe to use. We our a GMP certified company which means our products are safe to use.

Lip Balm

Our lip balm moisturizes dry and chapped lips by providing enough hydration. It contains natural healing ingredients and in enriched with vitamin A, C, E. It hydrates the lips and heals dried and chapped lips. Our lip balm comes in many different flavours like aloe vera, strawberry, pineapple, mango, orange etc which are non-sticky and easy to apply.


Mixing the love of traditions with innovations, our sindoor is available in two colours: red and maroon. This liquid sindoor is fast drying, waterproof, non-transferable and gives you a rich long lasting colour that does not smudge, fade or crease.

Nail Polish Remover

Our perfumed polish cleansers comes in 4 main colours which are natural, peach, yellow and aqua. This unique formulation is acetone free and nourishes the nails as it contains vitamin E and essential oils.

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